Upper Dolpo route is a remote and unspoiled area near the Tibetan border of Nepal., the least exposed, less explored and naturally isolated by the difficult topography in the north-west region of Nepal, beats all other remote trekking destinations in Nepal. Along with the unparalleled beauty of the landscape.

Furthermore,  this area in Nepal is also very rich in medicinal herbs, despite being thinly vegetated and shadowed from the seasonal rain. In order to preserve the unique culture, the ancient tradition of the people and the exceptional beauty and ecosystem.Upper Dolpo is a region of mystical beauty. And its remoteness adds to the sense of adventure among its visitors.

On the other hand, There are no lush green hills fed by monsoon but a thrilling hardcore landscape, guarded by impressive peaks, striving for heaven. The Dolpo region offers visits to ancient and isolated villages that are immortal to time. It provides you with sites of spectacular lakes, authentic Buddhist monasteries and plentiful wildlife. In case you are seeking for some overwhelming and impressive panorama, Dolpo trek won’t disappoint you.

Best Time To Go

Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to October) are the best months for this trip. Since the Dolpo region lies in the rain shadow area formed by Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges, you can also take this trip during the Monsoon season.



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