Tilicho lake is located in the Manang district of Nepal. It is situated at an altitude of 4,919 meters in the Annapurna range of the Himalayas. Anyone attempting  to do the Annapurna circuit route usually cross these watersheds between Manang and Kali Gandaki valley above the 5,000 meters high Thorong La pass.Other major attractions of Tilicho Lake trekking are the eye-catching view of the Himalayan.

Tilicho lake is the one of the highest lake in the world,there natural beauty lake visit many people  and watch the beauty of lake and there heart touching Himalayan.After digesting the beauty of Tilicho Lake, Near  the Muktinath Temple – a sacred place for Both Hindus and Buddhist . We must  Thorang La pass  on the way to Muktinath temple and go through some pretty villages. On the way you will enjoy the thrills of altitude and enjoy the culture of people living on the way. This adds the beauty of Rara lake.

Finally,Rara is the country’s largest lake, and perhaps the most beautiful, its deep blue waters tranquil and calm. Damodar Kund holds religious importance and is visited every year by Hindus and Buddhists pilgrims on the full moon day of August during which time, a big festival there  and the pilgrims take a dip in its icy waters to cleanse themselves of all sins committed so far.Many people visit for religious that help the beauty of Tilicho Lake

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