The Koshi River is one of the most Popular and Beautiful river in Nepal. The Koshi River is also known as saptakoshi river, it’s means ‘seven river’.The Koshi is 720 kilometers long and drains an area of about 74,500 square kilometers in Tibet, Nepal and Bihar. In the past, several authors proposed that the river has shifted its course for more than 133 kilometers from east to west during the last 200 years.

On the other hand, Sun Koshi is one of the paart of Koshi river, sun koshi means ‘Gold River’.The mighty river keeps flowing with its tributaries – Rosi Khola, Likhu Khola, Junga Khola, Tama Koshi, Dudh Koshi, Rasuwa Khola, meeting Arun and Tamur rivers at Tribenighat thus forming gigantic Saptakoshi river to meet the holy Ganges in India.

With the world-class rapids, stunning scenery, great camping sites, tranquil evenings, vibrant culture and bounteous wildlife – almost four hundred species of birds such as water redstard, dipper, flycatcher, wall creepers, bulbul, fork tale to name a few and two hundred and fifty different species of orchids, all makes this one of the world’s ten classic river journeys a unique experience


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