Singu Chuli Peak or Fluted Peak located in the heart of Annapurna Range within the surroundings of Annapurna Sanctuary. Singu Chuli was formerly known as Fluted Peak. It is an altitude at 6501 meters.This mountain peak climbing is strongly recommended for excellent mountain views. You will enjoy the great cultural diversity.

Moreover, it is the third highest peak among peaks of Nepal that is officially opened for climbing. It divides Western Annapurna glaciers with the Southern glaciers. Shigu Chuli Climbing requires technical skills and only few experienced climbers try this Peak while other novice ones choose to venture into the nearby Tharpu Chuli Peak climbing.This mountain is a much stiffer proposition than Tharpu Chuli, and is the highest of all the trekking peaks in the area. There are no straight forward routes up the mountain.

Similarly,  the most beautiful Singu Chuli mountain peak, one that has proven too difficult for commercial climbing groups. Part of the problem is the steepness of the mountain but the final problem is the summit: a 100-foot high block of ice coated with snow. There are a number of different routes on the mountain with icefalls.

Best Time-

Singuchuli Peak Climbing is March to May and September to December are the best seasons.

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