The Shuklaphanta National Park is a protected area in the western regions of Nepal. It is covering an area is 305 square kilometers. this  is the first National park of Nepal established in 1973.  this  area on the list of  World Heritage site in 1984.The Shuklaphanta wildlife reserve is situated in the Kanchanpur district.

The name of the reserve is derived from the largest of there grasslands, which is known as Sukla Phat.The reserve shares a common boundary with the Indian State of Utter Pradeshin the South and west which is formed by the Mahakali river. The aquatic and terrestrial habitats of Shuklaphata Wildlife Reserve contain more than 665 plant species belonging to 438 genera and 118 families , which make Shuklaphata Wildlife Reserve as the highest species richness area, reported for any given protected areas in Terai. Of these, 2 species are endangered, 2 commercially threatened, 2 vulnerable, 1 rare and 1 insufficiently known .
The jungles of the Shuklaphanta National Park were once the site of an ancient kingdom. To this day, ruins of that kingdom can be seen in some places.Near Rani Tal, a lake in the reserve, there still remains a brick girdle.Finally there are different and beautiful place to jungle safari as well as there animals ,birds and also natural beauty attraction the all visitors.way to Shuklaphanta-Kathmandu to kanchanpur district and near the Reserve.


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