Kathmandu Valley possesses enthralling, and mesmerizing scenic hilltop stations. The traveling experience around those scenic hill stations will be unbeatable. Shivapuri is one of the Wanderlust hill stations around Kathmandu valley.

Shivapuri hill station is the second highest hill near Kathmandu City, at altitude of 2563 meters, surrounded by Shivapuri national park. The Shivapuri hill offers us the scenic view of the entire Kathmandu valley. Entertain the local flora, fauna, breathtaking landscapes and magnificent view of central Himalayas.

Furthermore,the Shivapuri hill is endearing among the blooming rhododendrons in the spring season and mountain views are rarely missed. Various flowers like orchid and pitula are abundant.Different kinds of bird species are plentiful for bird lovers. The wildlife sighting here is also excellent as the park has access to wider lans and areas behind Kathmandu Valley.

At last, The comprehensive views of Northeast side of Kathmandu as well as majestic Himalayas in the north are the notable attractions of this hill station. Once you have  snapped some unforgettable photos, descend down the hill  and some beautiful waterfalls as you head back into the area of Sundarijal, where you will  visit a local bazaar.

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