Shechen Monastery in Boudhanath, near Kathmandu  Shechen Monastery, one the six main Nyingma monasteries of Tibet, was destroyed in the late 1950’s. In exile,  Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche transplanted the rich tradition of the original Shechen Monastery to a new home  a magnificent monastery near the great Stupa of Bodhnath, Nepal.

It is one of the most spectacular looking monastery near the great stupa of bodhnath. It was with the help of Dilgo Khyentse Riponche who had incorporated the age old tradition of the original Shechen Monastery.

The monastery serves as the main seat of the Shechen tradition in exile. There are more than 300 monks at Shechen Monastery. The monastery teaches music, dance, painting and Buddhist philosophy. Its elementary school provides “a modern education for children between five and fourteen years of age.

Similarly,  It was his strong belief that all the traditions are richly maintained and preserved for shechen monastery. It is a perfect example of rich Tibetan culture. You will find beautiful frescoe paintings which are going to leave you truly mesmerized.


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