Nepal is country with many ethnic groups, mixed religion and traditions ranging from northern  Hindu practices to Bon and Tibetan Practices that have existed in the land since time eternal. Among the many practices and rituals Shamanism has always been a matter of curiosity in the whole world. Shamanism tour in Nepal is extremely new concept journeys in Nepal Himalayas.

Moreover, Shamanism is being practice over thousands of years worldwide.Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of healing that shares some common beliefs worldwide. These are: existence of spirits which can be good or evil; they can communicate with the spirits and cure the sickness caused by them and can tell the future. Shamans often perform ritual prescribed by spirits who knows and links between the physical and spiritual world.

Similarly, Nepalese are deep in faith in medications, in villages if someone have problems with health, and the witch doctor heals and keeps away bad evils.Shamanism in Nepal, the general words for shaman is Jhankri and Dhami; although each ethnic group has its own term as well. As a healer, he may examine the entrails of animals for signs, gather medicinal plants from the forest, perform sacrifices, exorcize demons, and chant magical incantations to invoke helper deities, or conduct any number of other rituals.

Shamanism is a healing course practiced mostly by people who have association with the Tibetan culture but there are also pure Hindu practices prevalent in Nepal.Before the time of Hinduism or Buddhism, Shamanism was followed in diverse ways throughout the world.That is why Nepal is undoubtedly one of the most famous destinations for shaman tours in the world.

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