Ramdung peak is situated in the south of Na of the upper Rolwaling region.  Ramdung peak is also known as Ramdung-Go. It is  5,925 meters in height and Ramdung Go, is one of cluster of peaks around the Yalung La, a pass giving access to the upper Rolwaling from the south, via the Khare Khola.

Moreover,  Ramdung Peak Climbing with Nepal Guide Treks is an excellent opportunity for climbing the Ramdung Peak while exploring the less beaten Rolwaling region as well as popular Khumbu region in one trek. The valley with nice and scenic walks to Ramdung-Go base for an exciting and enjoyable climb to the summit of Ramdung-Go.

On the other hand, the mountain offers a panoramic view of mountain ranges from Langtang to Everest and also a splendid view of Gauri Shankar and Menlungtse. Furthermore,  alpine forest and Sherpa villages of Simi-gaon, then reaching a wide and open hidden valley at Beding and Na villages surrounded by high snowcapped peaks.Also, marvelous mountain views and village scenery as well as insight into the Buddhist culture and monasteries along the way.


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