Pathivara temple is a popular pilgrimage destination in eastern part of Nepal, it is an altitude at 3794 meters. Pathivara Tepmle  will have a significant place in the hearts of the Nepalese because it represents female Shakti, that is, the power of a female goddess.

Moreover,   The animist deity at Pathivara is worshipped with equal reverence by both Hindus and Buddhist. The Goddess at Pathivara is believed to fulfill the long-cherished dreams of her devotees, like sons for those without sons, and wealth for the poor. Pathivara Devi is considered one of the ‘Shakti peeths’. Worshipers from different parts of Nepal and India flock the temple during special occasions, as it is believed that a pilgrimage to the temple ensures fulfillment of all that the pilgrim desires.

Similarly, Pilgrimages can also have an opportunity to visit popular  Kanchanjungha range, the waterfall at Sawa pokhari and the pond of Timbuk, during autumn and spring every year. The thick forest eco-system along the trail offers diversity of wildlife, birds, flowers and butterflies.

Best Time To Visit- 

The best time to visit the Pathivara temple is from March through out to June and September to November.

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