Panauti is a quaint and interesting destination in Nepal. Standing in a peaceful valley roughly six kilometers south of Banepa, the small beautiful town. This fascinating destination in Nepal was also a dowry.

It is known as a Newari town that is located near the Roshi Khola and Pungamati rivers. Panauti can easily reached from Kathmandu, which is 32kilomeers  from Panauti, is famous for magnificent wood carvings. Panuti once stood at the junction of important trading routes and had a royal palace in its principal square. Today it’s just a quiet backwater, yet all the more interesting for that.

Furthermore,  The most noteworthy attraction in Panauti, is the Indreshwar Mahadev Temple complex, which dates back to the 15th century.The Mahadev temple is surrounded by smaller temples and a number of shrines, but the Indreshwar Mahadev temple steals the show. It is an impressive three-storey structure, which is constructed as a pagoda.

The surrounding area is breathtaking and peaceful. Visitors to this destination in Nepal will be surprised at the great amount of attractions and the beautiful landscapes that can be seen all around the valley.

Best Time-

The most pleasant weather in Panauti occurs from mid-August to October, and mid-February to May.



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