Palpa is crowned as one of the most beautiful hill stations in Nepal. Starting from majestic Kathmandu, then fascinating Pokhara to imperial Palpa, the journey is filled with incomparable natural, cultural and historical. Palpa is the most famous hill station in the western part of Himalayan country Nepal , which is a small ancient hill station/town situated 4300 meters above sea level.

Moreover,  Tansen, Palpa is one of the 5 places, Nepal Government has introduced as a new tourist destination for Nepal Tourism year 2012. It is located on the way from Pokhara to Lumbini. Major attractions here are the ancient culture, excellent mountain views, serene atmosphere and friendly people

On the other hand,  its scenic beauties, historical monuments, artistic houses made of old red brick Newari, round the year pleasant weather and moderate climate,Tansen is less featured in the tourists map of Nepal than the neighboring tourists destinations of Nepal: Pokhara and Lumbini.

Similarly, mountain Kanchanjunga (8,586m), world’s third highest peak look near beauty of thansen.  Visitors who have not yet visited Darjeeling for some reason may wish to experience the similar charm in Tansen. The tourism service providers place high value on satisfying the guest with their smile while offering traditional and unmatched hospitality..

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Tasen is 40 kilimeters from Butwal and 125 kilometers  from Pokhara. By Bus,  you can take the route Kathmandu – Chitwan – Butwal – Tansen. And also, The total road distance from Kathmandu to Tansen is about about 300 kilometers and a journey of  around 11 hour.

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