The Om Parvat Mountain is most popular in Nepal. The mighty peak of Om Parvat lies in the Dharchula district of western Nepal .The peak rises to a massive height of 6191 meters from the bosom of the surrounding mountains making this destination is an important landmark in Nepal.

Moreover, the most fascinating characteristic of this peak is the unbelievable impression of “OM” naturally formed with the deposition of snow against the black background of the mountain. one of the most bewitching details of this attraction is the fact that the snow deposition pattern on the surface of the mountain resembles the sacred ‘OM’, which is an important symbol in Hinduism. Owing to the same, it is considered as an important religious site by Hindus.

Similarly, The Om Parvat is the result of discord between India and Nepal who do not reach agreement about the borderline between the two countries. The Om Parvat is currently on the Indo-Nepalese border with the face ‘Om’ in India and the back of the mountain in Nepal.

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