Nuwakot has huge historic significance. It was from Nuwakot King Prithivi Narayan Shah conquered Kathmandu Valley. While doing so, Nuwakot palace square was established on a hilltop, which now has become the center of attraction for tourists visiting to Nuwakot.Nuwakot is an emerging destination for travelers.

Moreover,Nuwakot possesses a number of artistic buildings on the hill top which recall the traditional architecture of the Kathmandu Valley. It offers terrific views of the mountains and the surrounding rural villages. Nuwakot, an amazing district flanking the capital valley Kathmandu is Nepal’s one of the best kept secrets.

Similarly, Bull Fighting in villages like Taruka & Betrawati is entertaining festival that takes place only in Nuwakot District. The district also hosts annual Rice Plantation Celebration in different villages to entertain as much as travelers from neighboring districts like Kathmandu.

Nuwakot durbar, a seven storied building, is a the palace was built by Prithivi Narayan Shah, the founder of modern Nepal, to aid his campaign of conquering Kathmandu. It holds many stuffs with historical importance. Also view from the top of palace towards Bhairavi Temple is breathtaking veiws.

Get In-

If, you can take a bus – the route will be  about 4 hours Katmandu-Naubise- Galchi- Nuwakot. Or if you are small in group, take a bike or car.


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