The National Museum of Nepal is a very popular tourist attraction of the city, and is the largest museum of Nepal. Nepal’s National Museum is located a short walk south of Swayambhunath temple. It is a very old museum and has some of  historic collection of arts, culture and painting too.

Additionally,one would also witness Buddhist gallery which has all the important information pertaining to Buddhism. The complete past of Nepal is neatly wrapped in this beautiful museum. you would also find some wooden antiques along with bronze and copper. And you can also spot some amazing sculpture too.

On the other hand, The oldest building in the museum complex is the historical palace of Bhimsen Thapa. It houses a Natural Science Gallery, an Historical Gallery, a Philatelic Gallery and a Numismatics Museum.  The Buddhist art gallery is divided into three parts, each representing a different part of Nepal and it’s cultures. The historical museum, which is the biggest building of them all, displays Nepal’s biodiversity

Best Time To Go-

The National Museum is open to the public daily except Tuesdays and government holidays ,  regular time 10:30am–4:30pm,otherwise, Mondays 10:30am–2:30pm. Entrance fees vary: Nepalese five rupees, foreigners 50. School children free on Thursdays and Fridays. There is an additional small charge for cameras.


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