Mountain Jannu Peak Climbing  is the 32nd highest mountain in the world. Jannu is also known as Kumbhakarna. It is lies 11 kilometers to the West of the summit of Kangchenjunga. It is an altitude at 7710 meters.

Similarly, you can not only see panoramic views of Kanchenjanga range but also offers high alpine vegetation and varity of Rhododendron, fir, home lock and oak treeks. This region is also rich in wildlife such as the snow Leopard, clouded Leopard, blue sheep, wild goat, Marmot and Weasel. In this region, you can do both activities trekking and Mountaineering.

Moreover, The official name of this peak is Kumbhakarna, but the designation Jannu is still better known. It is called Phoktanglungma, literally “mountain with shoulders” phoktang means shoulder and lungma means mountain, in the,Limbu Language.  It is more notable for its climbing challenge, and is one of the hardest peaks in the world in terms of technical difficulty because of its complex structure, its vertical relief, and the particularly steep climbing near the summit.




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