Marshyangdi is a mountain river in Nepal. Its length is about 150 kilometers. The Marshyangdi begins at the confluence of two mountain river.The Marshyangdi flows eastward through Manag district  and then southward through Lamjung district.

Furthermore, The Marsyangdi rises on the northern slopes of the Annapurna Himalaya, flow east through an arid valley around Manag, and then swings south to join the Trisuli river at Mugling. Marsyangdi means “raging river” local dialect, and this aptly describes it.  The Marsyangdi is photographer’s sculptured boulders, some spectacular white water, green valley sides, and a magnificent backdrop of the world’s highest mountain.

The lower Marsyangdi gorges from Bimalnagar down to Mugling are an excellent river trip but a dam was built some ten years ago to generate electricity for Kathmandu and so the water flows on this lower river are unpredictable and now mainly limited to post monsoon. One of the best class 4 kayaking rivers in the world-continuous, exhilarating whitewater with magnificent mountain backdrops. Recommended for expert kaykers and rafters in Marshyangdi.



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