Marpha is a small village in the Mustang District. Tourism is the earning business of people. The population is also small. When you visit Marpha, you will experience different ambiances. The houses are basically painted white which shines out bright. The thakali people are the local people here.

Furthermore, The village is characterized by the traditional flat mud roofed houses with piles of firewood neatly stacked upon it. Wooden carved windows, long main spotless flagstones, and paved alleys are some of the unique features of Marpha. It is worth visiting the small library at the center of the village or horticulture farm

On the other hand, he main attraction of Marpha is numerous beautiful apple orchards. Harvesting time is September. There are three distilleries producing famous apple, peach and apricot brandy and German technology apple dryers . A pleasant walk in the fields and the village gives an insight of the traditional village life.

Moreover,the Marpha named spelled, ‘Mar” stands for hard-working and ‘pha’ means people. The region is no place for those with a soft life in mind! It is inhabited by the redoubtable Thakalis, a clan that is as industrious as it is enterprising.Most of the locals were in the salt trading business, dealing with China and Tibet. Tourism and mule rearing have also always been important occupations here.

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