The Manaslu Larkey peak is located at the Mid Northern Tibet border of Nepal within Gorkha District. Manaslu  Mountain is  the eighth highest point on earth.  It is one of the newly opened among the trekkers to enter the myths territory of living Tibetan tradition. It is an altitude at 6249 meters.

moreover, Gorkha is a small independent state from where the union of modern Nepal began is the starting point of the trail. The Gurung village of Laprak can be reach by two different routes such as along the Daraundi Vally of the Hillside of Dharchey. These villages give an opportunity to explore and observe the local inhabitants customs, their cultures, monasteries, prayer flags, prayer wheel and prayer walls.

Similarly, Manaslu Larkey peak Climbing  in a region of strong Tibetan influenced, many places have Tibetan names. Buddha Himal, Himal Chuli, Parbat Himal and Budhi Himal are in side the Larkey Manaslu ranges. The Tibetan Ranges is even closer in the borderline ranges in this mountain  region.

Best Time-

Mountain Manaslu Larkey peak Climbing February -May and September-December.

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