Machapuchare Mountain is a mountain in the Annapurna Himalayas of north central Nepal.It’s meaning Macha means ‘fish’and puchare means ‘tail’ that is why Machapuchare is spelled ‘fishtail’.The peak is about 25 kilometers north of Pokhara. Machapuchare is at the end of a long spur ridge, coming south out of the main backbone of the Annapurna Himalayas, which forms the eastern boundary of the Annapurna sanctuary.

Furthermore, fish Tail Mountain is a sacred peak in the Hindu religion, associated with the god Shiva. Lord Shiva is supposed to live on the peak, which evidently gets is name from the shape of the summit seen from a certain angle. As one of the last places on Earth where human beings had never set foot, naturally it was a target for Western mountaineers.

On the other hand, the religious importance of Machhapuchhre has always been in the forefront and garnered much attention whenever the debate sparked in the past. Various intellectuals have always struggled to reach a suitable conclusion that satisfies both parties. We couldn’t find any sureties but it is believed that Machhapuchhre is a sacred mountain, associated with the Hindu god Shiva.


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