The small town of Kirtipur is on a hill, 5 kilometers southwest of Kathmandu valley.The name Kirtipur comes from Sanskrit terms Kirti means “glory” and pur “city”,so kirtipur meaning is glory city.

On the other hand, There are some great views of Kathmandu and the mountains behind it. Kritipur is on two hills and the saddle between the hills. With its easily defendable hilltop location, when Prithivi Narayan Shah attacked the valley in 1768, Kritipur was the first place to be attacked. After a tough siege, the town was taken.

Additionally, Kirtipur has a wonderful sense of faded grandeur thanks to the impressive medieval temples dotted around its backstreets.At the bottom of the hills, where they meet is the three-tiered Bagh Bhairab Temple, which is holy to both Buddhist and Hindus.The temple is covered with swords and shields that belong to the troop of Kritipur, who were defeated by the army of King Prithivi Narayan Shah. Sacrifices are made here on Tuesday and Saturday


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