THe Karnali River is a longest and largest famous River in Nepal.  It is a 507 Kilometers in length, forms several gorges with its swift currents.which is one of the three major rivers of Nepal, the other two being Gandaki or Narayani River and Sapta koshi River.

Furthermore, the Karnali springs forth from Mount Kailash, a sacred moutain in Tibet important to both Buddhist and Hindu.On the other hand, Karnali is wild and rapid, offering excellent white water excitement. When the river reaches the flatland Terai, it settles down into more moderate and gentle currents and eventually becomes a wide, majestic stream. Travelling on the river in this area is a relaxed float surrounded by pristine wilderness.

From here, one can enjoy the majestic views of the Himalayas as well as get the best rafting and kayaking experiences. It is also considered as one of the finest stretches of white water in the world.he river also passes through the Bardia National Wildlife Reserve, one of the finest wildlife reserves in Nepal. One can enjoy plenty of adventurous activities like elephant safaris, canoeing among the marsh mugger crocodiles, jungle walks and bird watching in the park. Also, lodges and tented camps are available for the stay. visit to Karnali is a must even if it is only to see and walk through the longest and widest and one of the most amazing bridges in Nepal.


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