Jomsom is a naturally Beautiful place in Nepal. jomsom is the small place located in the upper kali gandaki valley in Nepal,at an altitude of 2770 meters. jomsom is also the gateway to The Muktinath shrine that holds great religious significance to both Buddhists and Hindus. Muktinath is the most popular site in Jomsom. Visiting this sacred site, one will able to grasp a complete picture of Buddhist and Hindu religious, culture, tradition and custom of local people.

similarly easilt accessible via a 20 minutes flight from pokhara,the journey continues through interesting landscape with nice view mainly of the massif Nilgiri .Snow-white spike of Dhaulagiri begins to peep out as the time passes. After the 6 KM you reach the village of Marpha, which situated  in the mid- of this stage. From here you will follow Kali Gandaki valley to the beautiful and clean village Tukuche. Life here in jomsom is a blance of hard works,and ancient culture.

most  visitors found  their most lasting impression of Nepal comes not from the ancient temples in the urban valleys but from visits to places like Jomsom and its exhilarating spiritual environment. it is primarily an administrative and commercial center with government officials and merchants rubbing shoulders with the local inhabitants of the region, known as the Thakalis. It has a  a police station with the fully protection of this place, a bank, a hospital and a veterinary hospital.At lastly,  Jomsom place is the most beautiful place of one of the best in Nepal and there natural beauty is attraction those people who visit that place.



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