The first International Photography Competition on Nepal has kicked off at Chengdu of China with a view to promoting tourism.This is the first time this expo is being held outside China as it used to be organized only in China’s Kunming.

Moreover, there is More than around 100 Chinese businessmen are attending the event while the Chinese delegation is led by Gao Shuxun, head of the China-South Asia Expo Executive Committee.The six-day photo exhibition on Nepal is being held at Wide Narrow Ale – a tourism hub of Chengdu city of China

Similarly, to mark the first anniversary of the establishment of sisterly relations between Kathmandu Metropolis and Chengdu city.about 600,000 form chines tourist come to visit yhis  photography cmpettition on  Nepal.

Furthermore, Nepal and other South Asian countries showcase gems and jewellery, leather products, garments, tea, coffee and handicrafts in the expo.Chinese stalls and their spectacular products with reasonable price have been the major attraction for the visitors

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