Imja Tsho, located at an altitude of 5,010 meters and just 10 kilometers south of the world’s highest peak, is the fastest-growing glacial lake in Nepal.The Imja Glacier is in the Khumbu Range of Eastern Nepal’s Himalaya.

On the other hand,  The glacial outburst flooded agricultural lands and scraped vegetation from land surfaces, leading to increased erosion from wind and precipitation and increased undercutting by local rivers.The Imja Glaciers is two valleys east of the more famous khumbu glacier  which has been retreating at a slower rate of 15-20 meters/year.

Moreover, A unique aspect of the Himalayan glaciers on the southern flank of the range is that the melt season coincides with a principal accumulation season of the summer monsoon. The summer monsoon causes nearly daily snowfall from June-August that is retained above 5800 meters.

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