Himlung Mountain is one of the popular mountain in Nepal. Himlung Himal is situated near the Tibetan border in the Manaslu region, northeast of the Annapurna region, which is considered one of the remote corners of Nepal.Mountain  Himlung  has been becoming a popular 7,000m peak day by day among the climbers and this mountain is infrequently visited mountain of Nepal, but it is actual height at 7126 meters.

Furthermore, Himlung mountain is not a tough climbing but moderately challenging one. Therefore, if you have gained the following experiences then you are fit to participate on our Himlung expedition.The landscape is mainly composed of high peaks, passes, glaciers, remote villages, narrow gullies, forests, rocks, springs, Gompas and unique cultural settlements.

Moreover, Panoramic fabulous views on the Manaslu Range, the Annapurna Range.does not comport any particular technical difficulties but it does require a high level of fitness. It is a beautiful course of alpinism from its Base Camp to the Summit. The Base Camp is established at 4850 meters above sea level.It was previously a restricted region until the Nepal Government opened it to the tourism in 1992.


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