Gorkha darbar is the most historical site .Gorkha is an ancient Kingdom and the capital of the last monarchs of Nepal .It is located middle way between Kathmandu and pokhara.Gorkha is a scenic hill- town with great historical important.

On the west side of palace is the temple of Goddess Gorakhkali.It is famous for Gorkha Durbar (palace), Kalika Temple,  museum, and Fort  with superb view of valley and Himalayas including Dhaulagiri and Manaslu. Gorkha is district headquarter with village town known as Gorkha Bazaar. This place is famous because of modern Nepal founder also first Shah Dynasty King Prithvinarayan Shah’s reign was here in mid-18th century. This is old place according to history when King Ram Shah’s reign was in beginning of 17th century.

Gorkha is interesting for short hiking takes 40 minute uphill to get Palace. Some building is believed early 17th century built. The October and late march falls Hindu festivals and sacrifice many male goats in the temple by social association and publics for wishful fill. This place is famous for the initiations for the yogis by their gurus who pierce their ear and put disc in it. The Dhunipati with Shiva Temple is here. You should climb 30 minute to get ridge with ruins of a fort where is telephone tower with a great view of Himalaya including Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and valleys, Tallo Durbar as a museum now and rural life with their own district town with sun set view are great in here. views and film makers goes to here sometime to make music video in this spot.

Finally,   The Gorkha darbar is most of popular for historical and also this beautiful township has always remained as the center of attraction for many Nepalese as well as foreign visitors.

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