Godavari Hill station  lies in the southern town in Godavari is situated 11 kilometers east of  Lalitpur District in the around kathmandu vally central Nepal.It is one of the popular hiking destinations in Nepal for its rich wildlife and splendid environment.

On the other hand,  Godavari Tour help you to fulfill Garden of Dreams’ for birds and bird watchers as well as explore Godawari Botanical Gardens of Nepal,  14 kilometers south of Kathmandu lies the Botanical Gardens of Nepal at Godavari Nepal.As well as,  it is a popular picnic spot and birds watching as well as dating spot among the teenagers and time spending area for family as well. It also has a notable collection of orchids and ferns found in this area.

Additionally, The setting is unquestionably majestic. Besides enchanting mountain views, Godavari offers a distinct taste of ancient Newari and hill tribe culture. The surroundings still form nature’s extreme forms of peaceful living.Furthermore, a spring where the sacred water of the Godavari River pours from the mountains can be found. A huge festival takes place at the Godawari temple once every 12 years in the autumn season pilgrims from around the country participate in the fair which named as Maha kumbhamela.

At lastly,  Paragliding in Godawari is in the Kathmandu valley has start a well-known adventure sport paragliding launching from chapakharka hill, Godavari Lalitpur. Also Nepal is taken as the world best place for Paragliding.It is the most beautiful regelious place too. Godwari is One of the most important visiting place in Nepal is one of the visiting places.

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