Ghandruk is a town in kaski district in northern central part of Nepal. One of the major highlights of Ghandruk trekking is Ghandruk village situated at an altitude of 2012 meters above sea level.¬† Specially for Annapurna Base camp trek with easy trails and various accommodation possibilities.From Ghandruk there are views to the mountain¬† macchapuchre Himchuli. By this reason it’s purely in natural setting in Ghandruk in Nepal.

The view of sunrise and setting as seen from this small village is a view worth dying for. Till today the Gurungs of Ghandruk have been able to protect their tradition and culture. Generations have come and gone by but the culture is very much alive here. Ghandruk village is a popular village and also an amazing trekking destination for the adventure seekers and travelers from across the world who wants to explore the popular region of Annapurna.

Ghandruk valley is appropriate for the children as well as the older ones as it doesn’t entail much walking day and ascents to higher altitude.Finally Ghandruk is the easy to reach and there mountain as well as their morning sunrise is attract to any visitors .Ghandruk is the most beautiful destination for trekking,mountain views ,specially during the sunset and sunrise also there natural beauty.

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