Ghale Gaun is the  beautiful village is filled with natural beauty, tradition and cultural diversity. Ghale Gaun village  is an attractive tourist place, located in Lamjung district of Nepal,it is an altitude at 2016 meters.

Additionally,  This is one of the unspoiled habitats of Gheles, the famous Gurungs, the legendary ‘Gurkhas’ of western Nepal. The village is splendid microcosm of Nepalese village with the blend of exotic culture and natural beauty.  The main occupations of the villagers are agriculture and animal husbandry.

Similarly, They keep sheeps and goats to make woolen clothes from their wool. They make handbags from nettle fiber and towel and other clothes from rabbit wool.Honey hunting is a really very risky as we as adventurous. Several tourists from abroad visit the village to explore the honey hunting process by the villagers. At the time of honey hunting, they have to go to the high cliffs of the foothills through a rope ladder.Ghale Gaun village is such a beautiful destination for nature lovers.

Get There-

The distance is approximate 200 kilometers from Kathmandu to Ghale Gaun . One can reach there by a private vehicle from Kathmandu. Alternately public vehicle also available to reach.

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