Dhankuta  is the most popular City in Nepal.  Dharan is the beautiful town of Dhankuta also known as the queen of the hills because of the scenic beauty it offers. The district headquarters of Dhankuta is the Dhankuta municipality which is also the headquarters of the Eastern Development Region.

Moreover, Dhankuta district; there is simply not as much immediate attraction as you would find in other parts of the country where tourists have blazed their way. Dhankuta, however, is by no means without. I felt fortunate in my time there to be one of the few from outside who have been able to appreciate its beauty. Even Nepali people not from the region rarely venture that way.

Similarly,  It is also the commercial center for the northern districts as it lay in the middle of the region. Newari, Kiranti and Indo-Aryan groups mainly constitutes the population of the area.This place is famous for its scenic beauty and the panoramic view of Sagarmatha (Mt Everest), Malakhu, Lotshe and Kumbhakarna mountains. Another popular place is the small hill station called Bhedetar which is one of the popular tourist destinations in the district, both in terms of national as well as international tourism.

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