Nepal is known as the ‘Himalayan Country’ all over the world. Cho Oyu  is the sixth highest mountain in the world at high 8201 meters, located a short distance to the west from Everest and Lhotse (the fourth highest) in the Khumbu region of Eastern Nepal along the Tibetan border.This mountain is the westernmost major peak of the Khumbu region that lies 20 kilometers west of Mount Everest.

Furthermore, Its towering peak stands with Everest well above the surrounding mountains. It became a familiar landmark to climbers ascending Everest?s north face. Just west of Cho Oyu is the Nangpa La, a 19,000-foot glacier pass, and the main trade route between the Khumbu Sherpas and Tibet. Cho Oyu proximity to the Nangpa La has earned it the distinction among some climbers as being the easiest 8,000 meter peak.

On the other hand, It was the third such peak climbed, and the first climbed in autumn by two Austrian.This mountain is among the ones that are considered the treasure of the country. The name of the mountain is derived from the Tibetan language which means “Turquoise Goddess”.Another alternative translation of the name is “bald god”. This makes sense looking at a Tibetan legend, where Cho Oyu, the bald god, has his back turned to Chomolongma, the mother godess, because she refused to marry him.

Finally, Mountain Cho Oyu has still maintained its personality since the first epic journey. Expedition here lists among the challenging and breathtaking adventure among the activities in Nepal.It is commendable that Nepal Himalaya has become a great theatre of mountaineering activities in these days.


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