Chitlang is a beautiful village about 32 kilometers south of Kathmandu valley. It is located at an altitude of 1833 meters. This village is rich for ancient culture, unspoiled landscapes, and peaceful environment. Chitlang village is a rare destination for travelers traditionally, culturally and naturally.

Furthermore, Chitlang village is known by various names like Chitrapur,  Kolapur and Hastinapur. The people of Chitlang are friendly and the way they welcome to their guests or travelers is awesome.he different caste communities, including Newar, Tamang, Magar, Chhetri, Gurung and Brahmin live in there village.

On the other hand, The climate of this place is nice in any season during the year with a bit hot days and cool nights. People can reach Chitlang by taking a bus or private vehicle from Kathmandu. They also can reach there by a short hiking.

At last, Chitlang Hill Station is a worthful destination for adventure seekers.  Additionally, bird watching, fishing, Homestay experience and local foods are the things to explore. It is a very good destination for nature lovers and short hike trekkers.

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