Boudhanath  Stupa is also known as Boudha,  is located 7 kilometers East-Northeast of Kathmandu & home to one of the largest Buddhist stupas in the world, built during the 5th century AD. Boudhanath Stupa  is the largest stupa in Nepal and the holiest Tibetan Buddhist temple outside Tibet. It is the center of Tibetan culture in Kathmandu  and rich in Buddhist symbolism.

There is a Buddhist legend of the story of the building of the stupa.Bodnath was probably built in the 14th century after the Mughal invasions; various interesting legends are told regarding the reasons for its construction.or hundreds of years, the Boudhanath Stupa has stood as a beacon of Buddhist belief, towering over the surrounding town as a giant mandala of peace and beauty and also giant eyes.

Similarly, Buddhanath Stupa is popular temple in Kathmandu valley for both religious people of Buddhist and Hindus.the Boudhanath stupa. Surrounding Boudhanath Stupa are streets and narrow alleys lined with colorful homes, Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, and street vendors.

Buddhanath Stupa is one of the most popular  temple and World Heritage site in Nepal .One of the largest of its kind and a popular tourist attraction.Today it remains an important place of pilgrimage and meditation for Tibetan Buddhists and local Nepalis, as well as a popular tourist site.


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