Nepal is not only a famous country for mountaineers, trekkers, and climbers, but also popular destination for nature lovers seeking the best bird watching tours in the world. This beautiful country is rich in diverse cultures, landscapes as well as lush forests, and tropical jungles which are home to some of the species of birds. Nepal is also the paradise for the bird watchers. There are nearly 875 specious of bird in Nepal which is 10% of the world total species of birds.

On the other hand,  there are many kinds of birds in Nepal and Phesant is National bird of Nepal. The famous places for Bird watching tours are Langtang National park, , Chitwan National park, Godavari Botanical Garden, Sivapuri national park and Koshi Tappu wildlife. Nepal is a tiny country has all kinds of habitats for birds like wetlands, lakes, tropical and subtropical forests, coniferous and alpine habitat.

Similarly,  Koshi Tappu has better sightings of an incredible variety of both resident and migratory birds that come from as far away as Siberia. Nepal’s national bird is the lophophorous, Impeyen Pheasant locally called Danphe which is found in the Himalayan region. Bird watching trips are organized by most resorts and are accompanied by experienced naturalists.The most popular bird watching spot is the Phulchoki hill, the highest peak on the Valley rim situated 20 km southeast of Kathmandu.

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