Bhudanilkantha Temple is located on the Northern part of Kathmandu city about 8 kilometers from the city.The fifth-century statue lies in middle of a small pond Budhanikantha is a place of pilgrimage for all Hindus and Buddhists.

Moreover, The main celebration of the year at the Bhudanilkantha Temple is held during the time when Lord Vishnu who lies on the cosmic ocean awakens on the Haribodhini Ekadashi day which takes place in October and November.Many others God temples can be seen in and around the environs of the Bhudanilkantha Temple.

On the other hand, Budhanilkantha temple, also known as the Narayanthan Temple.Though the temple is named Budhanilkantha, its name does not come from the Buddha; Budhanilkantha stands instead for “Old Blue Throat”. The statue symbolizes Lord Vishnu.the prime attraction for visitors and pilgrims visiting this place.

Similarly, The huge statue of Lord Vishnu at Budhanilkantha Temple is carved with a single block of black stone a type which is not found in the valley. The statue of the Deity is over 1000 years old.Bhudanilkantha Temple has continued to consistently attract travelers and faithful mostly from India and Nepal.So there are most visitors are come there pilgrimage ando also there beauty of temple.

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