Bhrikuti is one of the peaks in the Damodar Himal(mountain)  range between two trekking regions Nar Phu and Mustang in Tibetan boarder of Nepal at the altitude of 6460 meters. It is technically not so difficult peak to climb on snows.

Moreover, Damodar Mountain consists of 65 peaks and you will experience the stunning, snow-white and appreciative view of the surrounding from far-flung Bhrikuti. Also, there are more than a few lakes. Actually, the area is locally called Tsarang which means the world of mountainous lakes. Bhrikuti in fact is a Buddhist goddess.

Similarly, The major fascinations of the Bhrikuti Mountain  Climbing  are- Beautiful, snowy and appreciative view of the Bhrikuti Himal and the surrounding.The mountains eroded by the rainfall, the wind, the sun and the frost landscape sandstone pillars and discontinuous moraine terraces, which together present a colorful mosaic made up of earthen reds, yellows and brown. In this wild lunar landscape of unreal color and beauty,  Vast and barren ridges extend to the northern horizon making one feel like an insignificant dot on a timeless landscape.

On the other hand, Bhrikuti was princess of King Angsu Barma in lichchhabi dynasty in 4th century in Nepal. She was married with contemporary Tibetan King Sang Tson Gampo. She was known as historical icon of Nepal-Tibet friendship establishment. That’s why, name of this peak was baptized after her name.

Best Time-

Bhrikuti Mountain Peak  Climbing  during spring and autumn to witness the beauty of the peak at its best.

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