The Bheri River is a major tributary of the Karnali River draining the western Dhaulagiri  range in western Nepal. It has three important upper tributaries. Bheri River, rising from the high Himalayas, is one of the biggest rivers for fishing in Nepal and is one of the easiest rivers for water adventures. This river being situated in the far western part of the country is said to have many mysteries that need to be explored. The 140 kilometers long river gets bigger at Ramnaghat as two tributaries Sani Bheri and Thuli Bhericombine with the river at that point.

Bheri River Rafting is attractive river in the western part of Nepal. The river is easy for rafting fishing and other water adventures. Bheri River is in far western part of the country therefore so many hidden mysteries are there to be explored. Bheri River is one of the biggest fishing rivers with big water flowing from High Himalayas.

On the other hand, Bheri River adventure trip can be combined with Bardia National Park. The trip provides unique opportunity of exploring remote villages in the region.Furthermore, Rafting adventure in Bheri River is also attractive because of the white sandy beaches for camping. Bheri River gets its size when two tributaries combine in the river at Ramnaghat. Rafting in Bheri is yet thrilling excitement while passing through the pristine jungle and sometimes seeing the wild animals closely.

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you can either take a one and half an hour flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu or a 627 kilometers long journey by road.


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