Bhairav Kunda is located in one of the most attractive areas .Bhairav Kunda Trek is a spiritual trek situated at the North-East of the Kathmandu Valley near by the Tibetan Border. It is an altitude at 4200 meters.

Moreover, Bhairab Kunda Trekking is a newly opened trekking destination known for exploring a high altitude lake, ‘Bhairab Kunda’ located at one of the most beautiful places of the Kathmandu valley near the Tibetan border. The etymological meaning of the word ‘Bhairab’ is ‘fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva’, and ‘Kunda’ is ‘lake’. Being a spiritual trek is also known as adventurous, stirring trekking trail. Many other tourists join along the trek to explore the typical culture and view of some awe-inspiring Himalayan range. This trekking trail offers us splendid view various mountains including the chain of Peak, Dorje Lakpa, Madiya and Phurbi Ghhyach in the jugal Himal range and closest view of different Tibetan upland and Glaciers.

Similarly, Bhairav Kunda Trekking trail will be begins from Jalbire that is 81 kilometers North-East from the Kathmandu Valley. You will spend your first night experiencing the ‘Newari’ culture of Jalbire. Bhiarav kunda lies in the northwest of Kathmandu valley just after Panch pokhari lying adjacent to Nepal Tibet border.These include the holy Bhairav Kund, the incredible Himalayan scenery and the life style of nomadic people virtually unchanged by time.

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