Bagmati River is the most famous river in Nepal.It flows through the Kathmandu Valley and separates Kathmandu from Lalitpur .It is believe to be a holy  River by Hindus and buddhists. A Number of Hindus temple are located on its bank.

Furthermore, Kathmandu Valley is surrounded by the ever flowing holy rivers Bagmati and Bishnumati River. The river is also greatly significant for the economic and ecological needs of the region and its people. However, over the years huge amounts of chemicals, plastic and other non-biodegradable pollutants have disturbed the ecological balance of the river.

Similarly, thousands of people from Kathmandu Valley, volunteers from The Art of Living, several organizations, citizens from kids, teenagers, youths and adults and also artists, pledged their support of an environmental project, Bagmati River Festival with the theme “Green Kathmandu Clean Bagmati”.The aim was this project was to mobilize the citizens of Kathmandu Valley to clean the river.

Finally ,Bagmati River is important River in here ,there are many things to attraction tourists such as-The famous Pasupatinath temple, Guyeswari temple, Tripureswar temple, Sankhamul and other etc.


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