Baglung is a city in western part of Nepal ,  and 275 km west of Kathmandu,capital city of Nepal.Baglung is the largest and most populous of the Tri-cities area of the Kali Gandaki valley composed of two other district headquarters Beni  and Kushma.Baglung is a major business, financial, educational and healthcare center for the people of Kali Gandaki valley.It is mostly understood as town of bridges and is also famous for it’s sketch which is homogenous to sketch of Nepal.
Additionally, It is situated on a terrace overlooking the Kali Gandaki river which is famous for deep gorges and notorious bends. It is the trading town of quaint streets and traditional buildings where merchants from the Terai plains in the south and the hills in the north come together to barter. Inhabited by different ethnic groups, Baglung offers the most scenic view of Mount Dhaulagiri towards its north.

Similarly, The temples in and around Baglung make an excellent spot for pilgrimage. Baglung Kalika temple is visited by thousands of pilgrims each year especially during the festivals of Dashain and Chaitre Dashain. From Baglung one can see good views of the Himalaya’s. To see the panorama of the various range of Himalayas Bhakunde is a good place. Terraced fields, waterfalls, forests, deep gorges and caves are abundant throughout the area.

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Daily bus services are available to Baglung from Pokhara and Kathmandu. It is 3 hours by bus from Pokhara. Nearest Airport is located in Pokhara.


Baglung enjoys warm summers and mild winters. Annual average temperatures range from a maximum of 26.6°C and a minimum of 19.1°C. Highs above 35C (95 F) and lows below 0C (32F) are rare. Snowfall is extremely rare though surrounding mountains see occasional snow during the winter months.

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