The pokhara city is a remarkable city with natural beauty sitting under the shadow of stunning Himalayas.pokhara valley is located in the Western part of Nepal. It is most popular destinations for the tourist because the pokhara valley is for sightseeing with different adventures activities to perform. THe pokhara city has established  ifself as an ultimate holiday destination and is popular for its exotic location.


paragliding is the most popular and memorable adventures sports in Pokhara. Paragliding above the earth’s surface with majestic views of thr Himalayas and the villages. on the other hand,FUlfil your dreams of being a Bird


There is small island where a famous temple is established atop,called ” Barahi Tample “. Many pilgrims reach to this temple  every  year with help the boating. The best time for boating in pokhara is between October and February .On this season you will awesome reflection of there enjoying boating as well asthe clear lake water.Genarally, a passenger can choose to boat himself or  take a rower along with him.

3.Bungee Jumping-

Bungee  jumping is the most popular and different adventures in pokhara  in Nepal. This is the second Bungee jumping point in the country and getting rapidly famous among the adventures lovers.Bungee jumping falls from a height of 70 meters over an artificial pond.

4.Zip Flyer in pokhara-

Zip flyer is the one of the attractive adventures activites offered by the adventure’s  pokhara. The Zip flyer start from the 1625 meters in sarankot and ends at 960meters in Hemmja  plin. The zip line is the world’s steepest, tallest, and the fastest of its type in the world.

5.Ultra Light Flight-

pokhara is a valley of lake,pokhara Ultra light provides golden opportunities of having a heavenly  taste of verging natural beauty . Furthermore ultra light is add the beauty of pokhara to visit all poeple and  watch the natural beauty in pokhara




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