Swargadwari holy Place located over a hill top in Pyuthan district of Rapti Zone  in the Mid-Western Nepal is the famous pilgrimage Swargadwari (meaning Heaven’s Door). Hundreds of people, especially Hindus, travel to this place with a belief that this is the door to Heaven and one should try to get to the Heaven to be blessed by God after his/her death.

Moreover, the Temples along with the Ashram lie on the hill top approx .2300 meters  above sea level in Puythan District. There are stunning views of Snowcapped mountain ranges (Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and many more), dense coniferous and rhododendron forest, wild animals (antelopes, deer) are other things you can Inside the Ashram premises, there are lots of temples, ponds, Caves.

Similarly, Hindu people they believe after death most of them want to go heaven and stay together with gods and goddess. So before death once in their life they want to visit this place and blessed with god or want to reserve the place in the heaven. There are so many small temples and continuing the butterlamp for hundred years. Cows are the most attraction of this site. There are more than 500 local cows.You can enjoy breathtaking views of early morning sunrise over the mountains.

Best Time-

People throng at Swargadwari on the first day of Baisakh (mid April). Feb-May and September-October make the best time to visit Swargadwari. As Holi was on Friday, I and a friend of mine thought of utilized the weekend to travel to Swargadwari.

Get In There-

This route is the best one. Bhalubang is some 100 kilometers west of Butwal or 360 kilometers from Kathmandu on the East-West.



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