Balaju water Garden is one of the most beautiful views in this garen. Balaju Water Gardens were a gift from king Pratap Malla to his queen. this 18th century park is known for its magnificence and beauty and has long been a place for people in Balaju to take a break.

On the other hand, The Balaju Water Garden is renowned as Baiesdhara for its 22 stone waterspouts carved in the shape of sea-dragons. These traditional 22 stone spouts are artistically designed. Baiesdhara means 22 tap in Nepali were fed by the Nagarjun Hill watershed. It is located in about 5km northwest of Kathmandu City.

Moreover,  The major attractions within this park are houses religious shrines, fishponds, and a replica of the statue of Budhanilkantha. The swimming pool  located inside the park is one of the few swimming public pools in Kathmandu.SImilarly, The main attraction of this place is the humungous statue of sleeping Vishnu that seems floating in the pond. It is believed to be the replica of Buddhanilkantha.

The large peepal tree with its shade spreading around, the stretch of bamboo and pine trees, the beautiful birds fluttering around and the aroma of rose and jasmine spread everywhere doubles the excitement of the visit

Best Time-

Best time is from April-June as one can see the ground carpeted by flowers. Entry charges are Rs 5 and the timings are from 7 am. to 8 pm

Get In-

t is located just below the nagarjun forest and is around 3 kilometers north-west from the heart of the main Kathmandu valley .

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